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All About Scale Length

4 years ago 10721 Views No comments

All about scale length, what it is, why it's important and how it can help you position the bridge correctly! Also a scale length calculator

Electric guitar wiring how to videos

4 years ago 6248 Views No comments

Learning how to wire guitars? Do nothing till you've seen these fantastic videos!

Building a KBG-T-B: Step 2 The Neck

4 years ago 4672 Views No comments

KBG-T-B build cutting the headstock and finishing the neck

Calculating Fret Spacing

4 years ago 2389 Views No comments

This is a handy tool if you are considering building your own neck. Fret spacing is an important thing to get right, use this handy calculator to determine the correct spacing.

Building a KBG-T-B tele style: Step 1

4 years ago 3541 Views No comments

Where to start when building a KBG-T-B build your own tele style kit

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