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Building a guitar

4 years ago 6578 Views No comments

If you want to build your own guitar you're in the right place. This article doesn't show you how to but explains why you'd want to and the process you'll go through to achieve your dream.

Calculating Fret Spacing

4 years ago 2389 Views No comments

This is a handy tool if you are considering building your own neck. Fret spacing is an important thing to get right, use this handy calculator to determine the correct spacing.

Customised guitar kits!

4 years ago 4221 Views No comments

Customised Guitar Kits!!

Use our custom spec tool to customise your own T style kit, choose neck, scratchplate and hardware to your spec. Also select the body and select a colour to get an idea of your finished project! Click checkout when you're done and your options will be in the cart ready for you.