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Building a KBG-T-B: Step 2 The Neck

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The kit comes with a paddle style headstock and a cutting is template provided in the kit that you may wish to use. Otherwise you may find you want to style it differently, in any case you will need to align a template to the headstock and draw round it using a pencil as an outline for cutting.

Headstock template Tele KBG-T-B

Ensure the neck is firmly clamped to a workbench or table before cutting, then using a jigsaw or bandsaw cut round the template on the outer egde of the penciled guide.

Cutting tele style headstock for KGB-T-B

This will be a little rough around the edges so sand down using course sandpaper to begin with then move to finer sandpaper for a smooth finish.

Lacquering The Neck

If the finger board is rosewood you will need to mask off all the rosewood, frets and nut as you want to avoid spraying the fingerboard. If the fingerboard is maple (pictured) then you will be spraying this also but ensure you mask off the top nut so the grooves don't get filled with lacquer.

In a well ventilated (preferably outdoor) area place the neck flat on a clean surface, the lid of the box is usually a good option. Apply a few thin coats of lacquer using long sweeping strokes, we recommend a clear or tinted nitrocellulose based lacquer alternatively automotive lacquer may suffice. Ensure you have the correct respirator mask to avoid fume inhalatio, especially if using nitrocellulose based lacquers! Once it is touch dry you can apply the next coat thinly to avoid runs.

Lacquering tele neck

Once dried (a few days!), you can scrape the lacquer off the frets. There are a few ways to do this, one is to file a fret sized groove into a nail and use that to gently remove the excess lacquer. See http://www.manchesterguitartech.co.uk/nitrocellulose-lacquer/lacquer-faqs/ for some info on this.