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Building a guitar

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There are several different approaches to such a project from building using oil can bodies to carving your own from a block of wood. However these may be ambitious for most! One great way to get the guitar you've dreamed of building is to build one from a kit where you have all you need in one box. With a kit built guitar you can style, set up and play the guitar you've dreamed of for fantastic value. Whilst the kits on this site are not replacements for some of the most famous makes, it is amazing what you can get out of a guitar with a little love and devotion. The Fender style kits and Gibson style kits for example are indeed modelled on the real thing, however it is important to bear in mind that they are not the real thing but you have the freedom for full customisation to make them look, feel and sound just how you want.

So where do you start?

Step 1. The Dream

Have you seen someone gigging with an awesome talk of the crowd guitar body design? Want something truly unique that will turn heads? The first stage is to decide what you really want, start thinking about your guitar as a canvas rather than an instrument. Decide on your style of kit seek some artistic inspiration and get excited.

Step 2. Build

One of the most commonly asked questions is how difficult is it to build a kit guitar? And will I be able to do it? Simply, it's as hard as you make it. Anyone can construct our kits with a few tools and some guidance it's mainly sanding, aligning, cutting, drilling a few holes and finishing and depending on how much you want to upgrade or veer from the original design dictates how difficult your build will be. Also another thing to note, most kits require soldering, some more than others, and if you don't know how or have never used a soldering iron before then fear not, it's easy and now is a good time to learn. Remember you have at your fingertips endless online video resources with the advent of sites like YouTube, so there really is no excuse!

Step 3. Setting Up

How many times have you adjusted your own intonation? Set the pickups to the correct height? lowered the action on your guitar? Perhaps never, because like many players you are probably still playing it as it was when it came out of the factory, you may have never tried or maybe you're just a little fearful of ruining that £1000 Les Paul! When you build your own this is now your job. It's a real education, and you now have the opportunity to really get the most out of your instrument like never before.

Step 4. Play

Rock on.